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    Adding a reference line connected to a higher value

    Kim Goedmakers



      I'm struggling to add a reference list that is dyanmic in a way that if you filter, the refence list only shows the higher level.


      In our case we can select a value in the available filter tool, but there's another higher level on that value. We managed to set that, but how to set your refence line on that higher level?


      In our example, we want to filter for 'TypeBed' and get the results from all nursing departments 'VPE'.


      So we have our reference line for this




      (SUM({1<Periode = {'$(vMaxPeriode)'}>}[Score oorzaak]))

      (SUM({1<[Oorzaak aandoening]={"Altijd","Meestal","Soms","Nooit"}, Periode = {'$(vMaxPeriode)'}>}[Teller]))




      But now we would like to add another reference list in which we filter for a value, but get the reference for the higher value to which it is connect.