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    Qlikview Distribution

    hoda Foulon

      Hello ,

      We want to copy a master application in multiple directories. These directories will be accessible to management controllers for analysis (add graphics, edit tables ..).
      Then the data (.QVD) will be charged daily  way and will be available on a directory accessible by all users. So that they can on their side load new data.

      (1) Is it possible to distribute multiple directories?
      - QlikView publisher or via QlikView Server? (I know they are complementary, but what is the role of each?)
      (2) Is it possible that users can recharge QVD?

      (3) Should there be specific licenses? (Publisher license )

      (4) with the deployment of the master application on the Access Portal, it is hoped that users can modify dashboards? Safely they disappear.

      Your support, your advice and criticism are welcome. .........

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          zhen pan

          I am not sure why you need to put the file in different directories. If you need different people to have different access, you should implement section access. However, you can put the file in different folders if you want, but it is just not making sense to me.


          Yes, you can ask the server to reload the qvw to generate the qvd at certain time.


          you do not need publisher if you are only scheduling tasks. Server can do it. Publisher does need a license though.


          You can set that the users can't move the objects or can't add objects, but again, when it is in accesspoint, whatever they added on the sheets, it is there own. They can't really change the real file.

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            Peter Cammaert

            If don't really know whether you're talking about distributing QVW's to other users, or just publishing a QVW in the AccessPoint to different users. I'll assume the latter (which is the normal thing to do in QlikView Server)


            1. In all cases, QlikView Distribution Service is doing the publishing-reloading-distribution. QlikView Publisher is just a marketing term for which you'll have to pay $$$. With a Publisher license, you'll get a lot more configuration options and flexibility to tune document & data management to match your situation. Without a Publisher license, only one reload task of one specific type is possible per document.
            2. No, not via the AccessPoint. You could configure reloads to be lauched by way of an external event. But that requires some additional tools and tricks. Search the community for articles/discussions related to "EDX".
            3. Additional license: yes, if you require the additional task configuration options (see higher). Or if you require the QDS to run on a different machine.
            4. They cannot modify dashboards embedded in the QVW (aside from moving/resizing objects which you can enable/disable for each object in the Layout tab) A QVW is immutable. However, they can add their own sheets/objects if you permit the creation of Server Objects in the QMC.



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                hoda Foulon

                Thak you Peter.

                If I understand the answers 2, 3 and 4 relate only to the distribution of Access Point ?

                1. It is possible with QlikView Server to distribute the file   automatically in different folders ?  Not manually ? because we have morethan 50 users :s 


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                hoda Foulon

                Thank you Alex .

                I know it does not make sense But the customer wants to distribute applications to different user automatically aims to create dashboards without touching the script.

                1. It is possible with QlikView Server to distribute the file   automatically in different folders ?  Not manually ?

                  because we have morethan 50 users :s 


                1. Each user can manually start reloading QVD?


                Otherwise the solution I have proposed is to simply publish the application to the Access Point and through the Access to access a section "Admin" for users in order to create each on its session dashboards.

                And if I understand this is what you propose me too.