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    Limit List Box Searches to Simple Matches

    Thomas Bonacuse

      Is there any way to limit the search string in a list box to simple matches? In other words, can QlikView prevent a user from entering an expression as a search string? In the example below, a user could enter this expression to see the ingredients for XYZ (intellectual property issue) in the list box preview before the enter key is pressed. Once the enter key is pressed, there are triggers or conditional expressions that could be used to reset the selections or to hide the charts or list boxes when the data set displayed is small enough for the users to discern the formula. Waiting for the enter key to be pressed, however, is too late as the users would have already seen the formula ingredients.


      =count({<FormulaCode={'XYZ'}>} IngredientCode)>0


      We know that could use island tables, but we're hoping that there is a better solution. Another solution would be to trap user input, but I couldn't find the ability to do this in the QlikView documentation.