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    Populating Qlik reports into Html UI as per access in Qlik Server



      I am new to the Qlik Community and this question is more related to Web Development, rather than Business Intelligence. Its a bit long...so please bear with me.


      I have built a website using Angular/HTML/JavaScript and the Qv Ajax library which is a repository of Qlik Reports, I have a navigation "like a Sidebar" where a User can click on a Qlik report to view it on the right pane which is the report View Area.


      I want to build a functionality which can Show/Hide the report name within the Sidebar based on Access to report in QlikView Server.

      I have a login screen where I capture the Username and want to send a HTTP Request to Qlik Server with the Username as a parameter. Then I want to get a response from QlikView Server which lists QlikView Reports that are accessible to the User.


      I will then display this information on the Side Menu so the User is able to see only the reports that they have access to.

      Tableau Server provides a REST APi with which I have built this functionality using .NET & C Sharp into my Web App.

      My question is, does Qlik provide the same functionality "using a REST APi" or other method ?


      Thanking you in Advance for your help.