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    From QlikView to QlikSense

    omar bensalem

      Hi all,


      I've build a document with qlikview and now I want to create a qlik sense document with the same data and schema.


      To do so, this is how I proceeded:


      I've created a new application with qlikSense:



      I clicked on it and then drag and droped my QV document in here:



      I found out that all the data and schema were imported and thus I was able to create something.


      The thing is:

      let's suppose my QlikView source document is named test.qvw, when I drag it into the QlikSense, it becomes test.qvf.


      but when I try open the new test.qvf file in the sense, the hub is opened and I don't find my test.qvf in it.


      I have to always drag the test.qvf in the "carrefour_finale" application to see the dashboard I've created !


      But, I want to make my new test.qvf available in the Qliksense server. If I'll put it as it is now, nothing will show up !


      How should I proceed? Thank you all !