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    NP Queue Object- History Shared between users and other QVWs

    Iuri Raposo



      I have testing Nprinting and I have noticed something while using the on demand service.


      I have a QVW with section access with 4 users.

      I used User1 to export a report and then I logged off. I returned to the same QVW from the access point but now using User2 and I could still see the queue history made from User1 and I could download its report because they were complete on the queue.


      That means if I use this service with clients they will be able to see each others reports... unless they clear the queue history.


      NP supposedly exports the right data to the right user. I am doing something wrong? Is there way for each user see their own history without having to clear it?


      Is anyone using NP for clients right now with the scenario described above (Different users using the same QVW)?


      Thank you for your help!!