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    depending two listboxes

    André Kabalkin

      Dear experts,

      I have included several excel-sheets to QlikView. In Script i connected all tables, but I don't get connection between these two lower tables.

      Now I have a report with actuall- and plan-values. These values are divided into categories (EM-M...).

      These Listboxes (Art and ArtPlanzahlen) have several values / categories.

      Now I want to select value in "Art", and that the selected value automaticly selected in "ArtPlanzahlen".

      Value from Listbox "Art" I can get without problem: "GetFieldSelections(Art)"

      My problem, that I don't know where I can insert it in "ArtPlanzahlen".

      Where / How I can connect this values without "script / tablestructure" ?