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    Memory limitation in Server

    Ismail Baygin


      We are having some performance issues that prevent us to work with QV docs efficiently.
      Below is our scenario.
      Our qv users have some qv objects that consume very high amount of memory.
      As soon as such an object is clicked to maximize, memory usage starts to increase rapidly.(See attached Task Manager screenshot)
      We are aware of that we need to refine these kind of objects for fine-tuning. But, until this workshop, we need to prevent undesirable memory consumption.
      We want to display "Out of memory" error on charts to our users so that we will know which objects causing extra-mem consumption.
      We know that there are several options to limit memory both in Document and Server side.
      After some investigations, Memory tab in chart objects can do the trick. (see attached Memory window screenshot).
      But we figured out that this limitation only works if we access to document directly (File - Open). (See attached Out of Memory error screenshot)
      If we open the document in Server (File - Open in Server), the memory usage again starts to increase. (See attached Task Manager screenshot)
      The question is
      How we REALLY limit memory usage of objects?. Could you please suggest a working and proven way of memory limitation.
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        • Memory limitation in Server


          I have a similar issue before - our qvw was 7GB (400 millions records) and we only have 28GB of memory to use.

          No matter we play around with the memory - it keep give the user out of memory. We normalized the data and remove any possible syntetic key issue. Then finally we change the coding as well.

          The code that the problem before :

          =if (Age='18-49, sum (18cost) ,sum(50 cost))

          what the solution is put the sum outside the if: sum(if )(age='18-49',18cost,50cost)

          this reduce the calculation at the record level which create the memory issue. The guy in the forum help us and pointed the issue - any agregate function have to be outside to reduce the calculation.

          That my 2 cents



            • Memory limitation in Server
              Ismail Baygin

              Ok, I understand that these kind of situation can be solved by refining expressions .

              But it is not what i'm looking so far.

              I just want to limit memory usage of Qv objects and display "Out of Memory" error on charts when users open docs in Server. There is an option in Chart Properties - > General - > Memory.

              But this option is only functioning when directly opening Docs using (File - Open)

              How can we make use of this option in Open In Server mode.?