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    Problems with Ajax ZFC


      Hi everybody

      I hope somebody can help me, because I spend many hours trying to solve this problem, and I am desperate.

      The problem is, I got a pivot table which, in development mode, shows complete information, but when I generate the AJAX ZFC object, and try to see the results in Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, the object shows partial informaion, I had change the pivot table and use instead a normal table object, but still see only partial results, I had change all the properties in the object, but don´t get the complete information.

      I´m using QlikView 8.5 developer on a Web Server using IIS

      Thanks In Advance

        • Problems with Ajax ZFC

          Specify partial information. Missing rows? missing columns? something else?

          There are limitations to how many columns get rendered in ajax. this because due to browser performance the client gets pretty unusable.

          What version are you running?


          PS this limitations will be removed in version 10 DS


          • Problems with Ajax ZFC

            Hi foreverjos83,

            I just encountered the same problem whereby some columns where missing when displayed as a Pivot Table.

            Yes this is a confirmed bug/limitation in 8.5. According to QlikTech support this is corrected in version 9.0

            Hope this helps.