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    Viewing data as a sequence

    Kevin Bouwer

      Hi All


      I have been struggling with the problem for a couple of weeks now

      I am a novice at Qlikview and just unable to get this right


      I need to work out the top sequence of Pitch Type for the 1st 3 Pitches

      I have attached a sample data file


      I use Pitch Count to determine order of Pitches

      1--0 or 0--1 = 1st Pitch

      1--1,2--0,0--2 = 2nd Pitch

      Strikeout,3--0,2--1,1--2 = 3rd Pitch


      However, the Pitch count column is empty when the Batter makes contact with the ball. As a result, Pitch Result has a value 'Ball in Play'

      So when this happens, Pitch Count is empty and could equal 1st, 2nd or 3rd pitch


      I need to determine the most common Pitch Type sequence for the 1st 3 pitches (i.e Fast Ball, Change Up, Screw Ball)

      Please could someone help as this is a really important stat for Baseball and Softball