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    hi all

      i have a line chart that consists year on year data but i want to show the difference of that both years in the same chart wiht an expression can anyone please give a solution for that.


      thanks in advance

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          Manish Kachhia

          Hi Surya,

          1) Request you to post a question which some meaningful subject so that it would help others while searching.

          2) If you can provide some more information, I am sure you will get good/correct answer, as your question is similar to many questions covered more than 100 times in QlikCommunity.


          Happy Qliking !

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            Anand Chouhan



            Dont be in a hurry try to write meaning ful heading for your question try to edit your heading.

            Also represent your question with some example or the daigrams.




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              Sunny Talwar

              May be something like this?




              Here the bar is the difference in dollar terms and Difference % is the % change from last year. Expressions for them are:

              Difference: =Sum(Sales)-Above(Sum(Sales))

              Difference %: =Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales)) - 1