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    Rank Set Analysis Expression

    Kevin Bouwer

      Hi All


      I have the following expression in a straight table


      =if(PhaseValue = 0 ,0,max(aggr(sum({$<DefencePhaseSort = {$(#vPHASENO2)}>} DefenceTacklesMissed),PhaseValue,PhaseDim)))


      When trying to rank the data, i get the rank to equal 1 across all parameters


      PhaseDim is a dimension containing 13 separate parameters looking at Tackles Missed in each parameter

      The expression is looking at the max value from each PhaseDim

      I want to rank the top 4 parameters in a heat map

      For Example

      From the attached image

      I need to be able to rank the data

      Rank 1 = 'Quick Ball'

      Rank 2 = '2'

      Rank 3 = 'Opposition Lineout'

      Rank 4 = 'Opposition Kick Return'