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    previous score

    naveen kumar

      Hello All, I am looking for suggestion from you guys,let us suppose if my given  data is like below


      location      date            score

      mumbai      06/13/2015      40

      mumbai      09/20/2015      50

      mumbai      12/05.2015      60

      pune            05/14/2015      100

      pune            07/22/2015        110

      pune            11/28/2015        120  

      Now...the whats the requirement is :

      location      currentscore      previousscore

      mumbai          60                      50

      pune                120                      110


      i had achieved the current score requirement by using this:    firstsortvalue(score,-date) which gives me max date score which is current score

      so will u guys please let me known how to achieve previous score