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    When i select Diamension = eXP . How to make my Table display +ve value ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      When i select Diamension = eXP . My Table display -ve value.



      I need to make the YTD Variance display +ve value ?



      Because Expense is lesser for 2015 , meaning it is good , so it should be +5% and green color



      In other work , when i change the diamension = eXP , i need to make the value display as +ve.



      My imagine expression as below :-





      =IF([[Pls select 66 Dim]] = 'eXP',


      SUM({<year = {"$(=Max(year)-1)"},month={"<=$(=month)"},$(ColumnDim51)={$(ColumnDim51)}>}Amount*1)/1000




      But it does not work.



      My next post i will post my QV sample doc.