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    Document CAL Assignment

      I am relatively new to Qlickview and have a question regarding CAL assignment as seen via the EMC.

      I checked the CAL allocation/assignment for a document which was 14 CALs allocated, 1 CAL assigned.

      I then started an Qlikview Accesspoint connection via IE 7.0, logged in with one of the valid logins.

      I checked the CAL allocation/assignment again for the same document and of course still had 14 CALs allocated, and now 2 CALs assigned (one being the account I just logged on with) which is what I expected.

      I then closed the Accesspoint IE 7.0 browser that I logged on with and checked the CAL allocation/assignment again, and it still shows 2 CALs being assigned (one being the account I just logged off) . It has now been about 30 minutes and it still shows the 2 CALs being assigned.

      Can anyone explain this to me? When does the CAL become 'unassigned'? Its not that I want to use this CAL to login as some other user so its not a matter of quarantine and waiting 24 hours, I want to be able to login again as the same user and not be assigned a 2nd CAL for the same user.


      Terry Noel

      noel@tccsa.net or 330-264-6047