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    Increasing Performance for end users

    Asad Raza


      I ran Document analyzer on my report and I have a straight table, that is never being shown, and is on a conditional show of False(),   I don't know who created it but it is not being used at all, However, I was wondering. If I do remove it, will the report run faster even though It is not calculating this , will tabs navigate faster from the end user perspective. Or is it just taking up space and will not have an effect.  I believe per user memory will be lower.    I know My QVW Size will be lowered. . Thanks for your help


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          Bill Markham

          If it is not needed then remove it, otherwise it will confuse somebody else later.


          I doubt it will make much, if any, performance improvement though.

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            Onno van Knotsenburg

            Of objects minimized, only the caption will be "calculated". Objects not showing via conditional show will (as far as I know) not be calculated at all. Objects on a different sheet will also not be calculated (until you open that sheet).


            If you do not need the object at all, you can delete it. This will reduce the base memory footprint of your application by a little, which indirectly results in slightly faster applications as it results in more memory for caching which on average results in faster (though maybe not noticeable) applications.