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    Loop/Reduce PDF distribution - sending one PDF to exactly one recipient



      i made the tutorial from Rob (Creating a Loop and Reduce Distribution - Publisher V9).
      You can find it on this site: Click here!

      I tried it with "Output Document" - "PDF-Report from Source document" - not QlikView files. I want to share the PDF Files via Email. So, in this example how does it work, that for example Joe get the PDF with his Data to his E-Mail, Sally get the PDF with her data to her E-Mail and Rob get the PDF with his Data to his E-Mail? How can I add seperate Emails and assign a PDF-Report to one E-Mail adress?
      I only get it work, that I distribute all PDF-Files for all users to an certain E-Mail adress.

      I hope anyone understand my problem. Really need help.

      Thanks in advance!