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    NPrinting PDF Report Rendering Issue

    Andrew Lindquist



      I created a PowerPoint report template that I need to generate as a PDF. The template has 70 slides, with each slide having an image of a chart that takes up the entire slide (each of the charts in QlikView are 1920x1080). When I run the task that saves the report as a PDF, not every page renders correctly. About 20 pages show up like this:


      NPrinting PDF Error.png


      Does anyone know what causes this issue and how to fix it?



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          Frank Savino

          This occurs when page dimensions are not applied correctly to their respective slides.


          You must click the slide you wish to add a dimension value to first.

          Then you can 'add' a new 'page' dimension to the slide.


          Here is a tutorial that explains how to do this in detail.


          How to Use Pages to Generate Individual Slides in PowerPoint for Each Combination of Multiple Field Values

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              Andrew Lindquist

              I'm not using page dimensions. I have 70 separate charts in a QlikView app, and each chart gets its own slide in the report template. Here are the steps I'm taking:


              1. Add each chart into the image section of the PowerPoint report template
              2. Create a new blank slide in PowerPoint
              3. Drag the first chart image into the new slide
              4. Resize the image so it takes up the entire slide
              5. Create another new blank slide
              6. Repeat steps 3-5 until I have one slide per chart.
              7. Add the template to a report task and select PDF as the output


              I started to take slides out of my template one by one to see if running the report with fewer slides helps. I stopped seeing this error when I got down to 60. Could the number of slides be causing the issue?

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              Mike Czerwonky

              Are you using Size to Data on your chart objects?

              size to data.PNG


              If your volume of data and thus the size of your chart changes, this might cause your issue.  When you build your PPT template, it is using the size of the chart based on your current selections when you place it on the page.  When you filter to a different set of data, the object size might change.


              To overcome this, I always size the objects in QV exactly the same size I want them to render in my PPT report as images.  I first determine the maximum possible size the object could be based on my data and set the width and height pixel size.  Then I review the size of the object on the screen as a scroll through my filters in a list box.  Note: A Power Point slide is 8.5 x 11 by default, so in this scenario, your pixels should be 750 x 1000 at max to allow for any margins.


              Once I determine the max size that the object can be, I adjust the height and width so that the scrolls bars do not appear and then I use Size to Data to allow for charts with less data.  You could not use Size to Data but then you would likely end up with empty space on your page.


              Hope that gives you another perspective.



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                Andrew Lindquist

                After running some more tests, I have started to notice a pattern. Occasionally when I run the report task manually, when it gets to the creating report step NPrinting gives me a "Not Responding" message in the upper left bar. If I don't do anything, after about a minute it starts running again and the task completes with no errors. When this happens, I get the error from my original post. However, when I don't see that Not Responding message the PDF generates with no issue. Also, when I run the task through a schedule, rather than manually hitting run, the PDF generates with no issue. Not sure what to make of this, but if it continues to generate correctly through the schedule then I should be ok (although I wouldn't be completely satisfied knowing that I didn't actually solve anything and the issue could pop up down the line).

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                    Frank Savino

                    If you experience the issue in the future persistently and you feel this is a bug, please contact the Qlik Support desk for an in depth investigation.


                    Qlik Customer Support

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                      Mike Czerwonky

                      I have been trying to run a Nprinting report with a paged group.  It is a power point report.  I have made it up to 112 pages in my report.  When I run it and save as PPT, it works.  When I try to save as PDF, it gives me an out of memory error when I am running the task.   I lowered my output resolution on my images to 150 % ( from my normal 400 % ) and when I do, I get the red X on the screen where some of my images should be.  If I drop back to 100 % zoom, it converts to PDF, but I am unhappy with the quality of the output.


                      It seems there are some memory concerns when converting "larger" files to PDF.


                      Daniel, you have any thoughts on any settings that can be changed or any feedback on this.

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                          Mike Czerwonky

                          As a follow up, I just created a 1400 page Power Point document and it saved and works fine as a PPT document.  The file is 22 MB in size.  So, the issue is saving as a PDF.   The same document failed and gave me an out of memory error when trying to save as a PDF.  Just trying to discover if I have a setting that can be changed, need more memory in my server or if I have found the ceiling of capability of the Nprinting application.