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    Ignore more selections

    s Walter



      i want to ignore more selections: visitorYear, visitorMonth, visitorWeek, visitorDate


      Does it work correct?

      Count(DISTINCT{<products= {"=Avg(sales)>=4 AND Avg(sales)<8"},visitorYear =, visitorMonth =, visitorWeek =, visitorDate=>} products)


      All selections for visitors data will be ignored?


      • Because i have a sales calender, too.
      • I have 2 charts, one for sales, one for visitors
      • In both the dimensions are shops
      • In the table for sales are the column "shops" and in the table for visitors, too. Thats a Key.
      • I have a field for salesMonth and a field for visitorMonth
      • In each chart i see each shop like shopGermany, shopUSA, shopUK etc.


      For example, i don´t get the count of products for shopUSA in the sales chart if i select a visitor date where no visitors for the shopUSA.


      BUT i ignore the selection in visitorMonth in the sales Chart. Why i don´t get the the count of products in the sales chart?