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    Export/move Qlik Sense QVF with private user sheets

      Hi all,


      I need a possibility to export a Qlik Sense app at one server and import the same app with all settings etc to another server (some kind of an app migration). All the settings, data connections, users, loadscripts, tags and images are just fine and I found a way to recreate them, but not the custom user sheets that a user can create in a published app.


      The list of app objects in the original app contains e. g. a published "Type of Work" sheet, and two users the "qlik-admin" and a "super 2" user have created private copies ("Type of Work Super 2" and "Type of Work - Qlik admin"). When I export the published app into a QVF file that file does no longer contain the not-published sheets of the two users. If that QVF file is imported the sheets are gone (see first line in the screenshot).


      The full app-object does not contain any sheet configuration, so this is not an option in my opinion (cf. GET /qrs/app/object/full). Exporting the sheets into PDF is not an option, because the user needs to edit the charts after the migration or create fresh exports with new data etc.


      How can I migrated / copy those sheets as well?