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    Table Creation

      Hi all,



      I need to create a table with 3 different header rows. as in the attached image. can any one help on this.




      How can i use inline load to load the above values as dimensions?




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          jagan mohan rao appala



          Can you explain what you want?  3 different header rows means?  Attach some sample file.




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              In the attached image you can see the headers i need a header like that.


              1st Row --          Existing                                   New

              2nd Row--  Count          Rates                Count          Rates

              3rd Row -- values..................................................................


              The fields in 1st row and 2nd row is names we don't have any fields with that name.

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              deepak tibhe



              In short you need to create 3 different tables based on ranges you have specified.



              Please provide more  details.




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                  currently i have a table like below:


                  In Header i have 25 Existing Count has name instead, I need to display like below


                  table - Copy.png


                  For the table i am using dimension as "Metrics" which is loaded using inline:


                  LOAD * INLINE [ 


                      List Size

                      Emails Delivered (total)

                      Unique Opens (total)

                      Landing Page Hits

                      Sign Ups

                      Final Test Passed (Completed)




                  Measure for column 25 Existing Count:


                  IF(match(Metrics, 'List Size'),only({$<email_type_id ={'44'}, campaign_group_id={'2'},batch_meta_data_id={'23'},

                  expiration_date = {"$(=date(max({$<batch_meta_data_id={23}>}expiration_date)-7))"}>}delivered),

                  IF(match(Metrics, 'Emails Delivered (total)'), sum({$< expiration_date = {"$(=date(max({$<batch_meta_data_id={23}>}expiration_date)-7))"},batch_meta_data_id={'23'},campaign_group_id={'2'}>}delivered),

                  IF(match(Metrics, 'Unique Opens (total)'), sum({$< expiration_date = {"$(=date(max({$<batch_meta_data_id={23}>}expiration_date)-7))"},batch_meta_data_id={'23'},campaign_group_id={'2'}>}opened),

                  IF(match(Metrics, 'Landing Page Hits'),only({$<email_type_id ={'44'}, campaign_group_id={'2'},batch_meta_data_id={'23'},expiration_date = {"$(=date(max({$<batch_meta_data_id={23}>}expiration_date)-7))"}>}landing_page_hits),

                  IF(match(Metrics, 'Sign Ups'), only({$<email_type_id ={'44'}, campaign_group_id={'2'},batch_meta_data_id={'23'},

                  expiration_date = {"$(=date(max({$<batch_meta_data_id={23}>}expiration_date)-7))"}>}sign_up),

                  IF(match(Metrics, 'Final Test Passed (Completed)'),  only({$<email_type_id ={'44'}, campaign_group_id={'2'},batch_meta_data_id={'23'},expiration_date = {"$(=date(max({$<batch_meta_data_id={23}>}expiration_date)-7))"}>}completions)))))))