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    Overly bleak minicharts when spooled in PDF reports

    Nicolas Dube

      Hi guys,

      I need some feedback here;

      It's a very straight forward development;


      A simple PDF report generated from a Qlikview report object (RP00) directly, by NPrinting v14.


      The issue is the line mini-charts which are just fine in the app, but are very-very bleak, or almost non-existent once spooled into a PDF.

      You have to zoom in 200% to even see. See images below.


      I'm using Nprinting v14; I'm suspecting it's the spooler driver --- what are you thoughts gentlemen?









      Here is Qlikview


      mini charts rendered in qlikview.png


      Here is PDF, once spooled through Nprinting:

      mini charts rendered in pdf nprinting.png