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    Record of granted/revoked licences on Qlikview Server

      I'm currently on the final stage of the implementation of a model and we have been requested to provide a report that contains at least the following items:

      - User that performs the action that grants/revokes licences (User and/or Document)

      - Final user (user that had his/her licence granted or revoked)

      - Date in which the grant or revoke of licence was performed.

      - Modified parameter (which one is the parameter that changes to indicate that a granting or revoking of a licence has been performed)

      - Old value and new value of the licence (which kind of licence the user had and which kind of licence the user has now)

      I would like to know if the Qlikview Server platform can provide this information and in the case it does how can we obtain it or read it.

      On the test server the auditlog was activated, but i couldn't find in a precise way to know if the actions (grant/revoke) regarding the licences are been recorded.

      Could please anyone help me in letting me know if the report that is being requested is viable or if Qlikview Server is not able to provide this information?