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    Data Model help


      I am hoping I can get some feedback.  Attached is the data model of my app.


      I am trying to Separate the complaints / Item master from the ship data but both of them are connected by the calendar.


      My Complaint data is spot on with the calculations, but the ship data sum is way off.


      Any suggestions?

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          Sébastien Fatoux

          I'm not sure to understand your problem.


          But what if you create one calendar for Complaint and another one for Ship Data.

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            Rama Sai

            Hi Leo,


            I am not understand your problem properly.


            As per my understanding just you want to separate data model into 2 parts


            1st  part:-Ship Data ,Master Calendar

            2nd part:-Complaints,Item Master

            so just you can rename "ComplaintCreationDate"  as "complaintcreationdat" in any one of the table so that the key in between  Master calendar & Complaint will remove.

            so that u can see 4 tables with 2 keys only

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              Hi Leo,


              Both the Ship data and complaints are to be separated? Wouldn't you want to report on the complaints per shipment? Your current model above allows this at least by the aggregated date level, so the dates are the key to linking these 2 data-sets. If we split, this will create 2 separate data islands unless you have some other key field to link Shipment to their complaints.


              As for the calculations, it depends on what date you are looking at when you are reconciliating and what is bounded by your set analysis and date selection.


              Hope I make sense.