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    Hide some sheets in the Application used on the Server.

      Hi All,

      My Client asked me to hide some sheets of QV application available on Server (Accesspoint) based on the USER having ADMIN rights.

      I have used Conditional SHOW sheet check-box with following logic --------

      I have created 2 vairables named as "Admin" and "Var"

      means for these sheets I have given SHOW SHEET condition as =(Admin)>0

      Where "Admin" is a variable with definition

      --------- =(fieldindex('ca_user',Var))


      And "Var" is a variable with definition ----------- =subfield(osuser(),'',2)


      As you know, OSUSER() shows DOMAIN\USER-ID.


      ca_user is a field(column) showing USER-ID with administration rights from a table created by Client.


      It works fine on local machine but it doesn't work on Server like Accesspoint.


      Insted of FIELDINDEX,i have used EXISTS but this function also works only on local machine not on the Server.


      Could you please tell me how to hide sheets in the application available on the Server.