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    Date Format

    reddy r



      1xxx2/12/2015 7:0010/23/2015 12:36
      2yyyy7/10/2015 12:2211/2/2015 14:57
      3zzzz7/10/2015 12:3811/18/2015 12:31
      4mmm7/15/2015 8:5011/30/2015 11:46
      5vvvv7/24/2015 11:1612/2/2015 7:15
      6xxx7/10/2015 12:3811/2/2015 14:57
      7xxx7/15/2015 8:5011/18/2015 12:31




      LOAD ID,
      date(Date1,'DD/MM/YYYY') as Date1,
      date(Date2,'DD/MM/YYYY') as Date2
      ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

      straight table should have the data like below and wrote the condition to get the output



      But,when Iam sending the data to Excel sheet

      the date format in Excel sheet shold be displayed like above format.But it is working for filter on Date1 but not on Date2.


      could you pls help me to get the same format to date2 as well in Excel.