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    QES Session CAL Usage CAL anonymous user

    Camillo Rospigliosi


      I have two servers:

      one is QlikView server SBE, the other is  QlikView server QES.


      I integrated objects of 1 qlikview dashboard in a .NET portal with workbench.

      The access from .NET via workbench is anonymous.


      Now on the documentation I read that anonymous access is not allowed on QES.

      What are the  risks? why it seems to work?

      Usage CAL are assigned anyway?

      is it a possible solution to use a single service user for all users?



        • Re: QES Session CAL Usage CAL anonymous user
          Camillo Rospigliosi

          I found the risk: it is not stable, I have to set on IIS Anonymous access Disabled and Windows access Enabled. Then setup the GetTicket.

          Problem now is to make work GetTicket with Workbench in cross domain. It seems to have multi-hop authentication.

          I can see in debug, that I get the ticket correctly, but I get the "Qv is undefined error". But I managed to make it work bu using the QProxy.aspx, and modifying it forcing authentication by replacing default credentials with the credential of an QlikView Administrator member(that is in another domain) :

          NetworkCredential networkCredential = new NetworkCredential(user, pwd);

          // Associate the 'NetworkCredential' object with the 'WebRequest' object.

          request.Credentials = networkCredential;

            //request.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

            //request.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

            request.KeepAlive = false;