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    Qlikcloud via Chrome behind corporate firewall, proxy and Web Security

    Nigel Cox

      Having an absolute nightmare helping our dev team with this.


      I need to know what needs to be done to allow access to the qlikcloud.com services from inside a Corporate network with:

      • A Squid Proxy environment
      • A Firewall
        • Blocks outbound and inbound
        • Unless via the Proxy
      • Web security filters
        • Forcepoint, was called Websense


      It works in IE 11 but that is not ubiquitous.

      It works in FF 44 but that is not part of our standards.

      It fails in Chrome 48.



      Direct access from Chrome is okay.


      What are the known issues of using Qlikcloud / Qlik Sense in this environment?

      What needs to happen on a Proxy/Firewall/Web Security basis to get this work?