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    Publisher QVW sent by mail / user declaration



      Here is my problem:

      I want to use QV Publisher to send my QVW by mail. I would like to know if I have to declare all users on the QV server to who I want to send my QVW. The end users are off line and use local licenses.

      There are 400 users, so I don't want to declare all of them by hand on the QV server !

      Example :

      All my email adresses are on a table wich is on my QVW. After I say to the publisher to send a QVW to each email adress wich are on this table. But today if an email is not declare to belong to a user of QV server the task fall on error :-(

      Thanks for your help.


        • Publisher QVW sent by mail / user declaration
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          The tricky thing with email distribution is that you cannot simply use arbitrary email addresses. While you can distribute a QVW over email, you can only select your AD users as the recipients--if they have email addresses associated with their username (i.e. if you have Exchange), then it will email it to them. if you want to send to users with email addresses not associated to Windows usernames, you need to create a Custom DSC, define your users/emails, switch to DMS mode, and distribute to the usernames that you created (which now have emails associated with them). Custom users are stored in the Qliktech folder in an XML file. If you have 400 users, add 1 manually, analyze the file, and create an excel function that will output the users in the same format. Then paste the users into the XML file (you'll need to have services stopped for this to work).