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    why my date field for Jan only consist from 1/1/16 till 1/12/16 ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I am here not to ask for solution , as i am already found the solution. but i don't know why ? Hope some one can share with me.



      I have below script , which is wrong :-



      Date(Date#([TempDate],'M/D/YYYY')) as YearMonthDay, 



      From above script , only those date from 1St jan till 12 Jan have sales amount , date after Jan 13 all become missing value.



      So i guess it is due to my date field should be D/M/yy instead of M/D/yy ?


      Date(Date#([TempDate],'D/M/YYYY')) as YearMonthDay,  



      Can it work fine, now 1st jan till 30 Jan will have sales amount. and no more missing value.



      Can some one share with me why ?