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    Regarding some doubt in sending report.

    susant Kumar swain


      I have report which i want to send daily to client in pdf format. The report should go daily basis region wise to respective heads, For that we have a filed name REGION and corresponding to that mail Id also present. The REGION contain values, CENTRAL, NORTH, SOUTH , EAST.So in the publisher setting i have given REGIONNAME for Looping. When there is no data for a particular Region then the sending of pdf report task failed. Like For a date 03/04/2010 , value is present for CENTRAL,EAST and SOUTH expect NORTH. Now when i am trying send the pdf report for 03/04/2010, the task will able to send report for on;y CENTRAL and EAST not for SOUTH and NORTH. After seeing the log file i came to knoe that when the loop comes to NORTH , since there is no value for NORTH the task failed. When i remove the NORTH from REGION filed then the report sent successfully( For trail purpose i tried). So can anyone tell me how to solve this error???? Because further onwards for NORTH value will come also. So i can't remove the NORTH from REGION.

      I want the report should come for every region except the region where there is no value for that day. Like for the above PDF report should come foe CENTRAL,EAST AND SOUTH NOT FOR NORTH without task failed error.

      Waiting for reply.