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    Using Qlik Sense Desktop to deliver reports to end-customers?

      My name is Tiago and my company is looking to use the power of Qlink Sense to provide some data-driven reports to our customers.


      Right now, we've followed this steps:

           1. Building the app.

           2. Upload it to the cloud.

           3. Use the single configurator to get a link for a sheet with enabled interaction.


      Now we have some doubts about the possibility of sharing the result with clients:

           1. Is it possible to have the Qlik Sense Desktop running on some machine and give access to customers?

           2. Is it possible for the customers to login on our website and then have a link to redirect to some Qlik page?

           (The single configurator link refers to localhost.....)


      We are definitely using Qlik professional services but we cannot yet figure out which is the best solution for us.