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    Open other instance of QlikView and make section access login

    Gustavo Krawczyk Santos

      Hi everybody!


           I'm implementing a way to make an automatic login into a qvw file with section access, press a button and then close the file, or at least I'm trying to do so. I'm stuck because the only way that I found to actually pass through all the possible logins, or so I thought that it would pass through all logins, ended opening the file once and pressing the button X times (X = quantity of possible logins). Heres the code:


      SUB GerarPDFUsuarios


          set App = ActiveDocument.GetApplication


          'set Username = ActiveDocument.Variables("vUsuario")

          'set Password = ActiveDocument.Variables("vSenha")

          Set Table = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( "TB01" )

          For RowIter = 1 to table.GetRowCount-1            'LINHA                                                       

              set cell = table.GetCell(RowIter,ColIter)

              set cell2 = table.GetCell(RowIter,ColIter+1)


                 set Username = cell

                 set Password = cell2


              Set MyDoc = App.OpenDoc ("D:\Test.qvw", Username.text, Password.text)               

              Set Button1 = MyDoc.GetSheetObject("BU462")                                                              


              IF IsObject(Button1) THEN                                                                                'SE botão Existe Então

                  Button1.Press                                                                                        'Botão é pressionado

              END IF


              'ActiveDocument.Activate                                                                            'Fecha documento aberto.


              Set MyApp = Nothing



      END SUB


           The button print the report that I created inside Test.qvw.

           So basicaly what i'm trying to do is to loop through the logins, pressing the button to generate the PDF with what each user can see in the report.

           Any ideas to do it in another way?