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    How to show the Difference

    Abinesh Sathish

      Hi friends,


      I wanna show the diff b/w two values dynamically. I've 4 expression and one more expression for Difference using in Ad-hoc concept.

      when I select any two exp from that 4 it show the Diff b/w that 2 exp in the same table. based on current selection only it should show


      For Example

      if I've Exp like below,



      Total Sales-14,  //(Sum TSales-14)

      Total Sales-15, //(Sum TSales-15)

      Sales-14,         //(Sum Sales-14)

      Sales-15,        //(Sum Sales-15)

      Diff                 //(???????????????)


      for Diff I don't know what kind of exp I 've to try..


      User can select any 2 dimension to know the Diff. So I need that exp as Dynamically (Based on User current Selected Expressions)



      in advance

      Abinesh S