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    Qlik Sense - corrupted app



      we have urgent issue with Qlik Sense Enterprise with one of our customers. On opening of application via the hub we get the following error:



      We tried the following:
      - Restarting Qlik Sense services
      - Restarting entire server
      - Duplicating application (also fails)
      - Reimporting application


      Nothing helped.

      What is particularly worrying is that this happens both for user applications and system applications (Licence Monitor, Operations Monitor) so it’s not only app related. There is no hardware problems with the server (plenty of CPU, RAM and disk space) and we are using the last version of Qlik Sense (2.1.1). Also all services are up and running.

      This is the second time this happened in less than a month. Last time our client restored the entire virtual machine but that is obviously not the solution. We have to stop this issue from recurring because our client is loosing faith in the entire product/solution.

      Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give me.


      Best regards, Marko.