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    QlikSense Access Section - ask for help


      I'm trying to restrict user access to Sense model data using Access section in script, but for some reason it's not working


      I've aded to the code (testing on my user)


      Section access;

      LOAD * INLINE [




      Section Application;


      The above should restrict for user ADI\QLIKSENSE see in model data only related to GROUP_RESTRICT = UMI

      BUT still Model opens with full GROUP_RESTRICT values available.....

      The username seems to be correct


      The GROUP_RESTRICT field loaded in following load statements.

      Model is on Server (developing on HUB)

      So what I'm missing?

      Please help!!!! (there are very few examples on web for this issue, I think I've found them all, but nothing is working)

      Thank You in Advance,