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    QV9 SR3 Publisher Problem

    Christian Schlettig


      we have a Standard Server/Publisher QV9SR3 Server on Windows 2008 Server running in a AD Domain.

      Sometimes, especially when we alter Tasks or add new ones, the server on the qmc (http://localhost:4780/qmc/Default.htm) shows only one or two documents, instead of like 20 defined Tasks..

      Same behaviour on QEMC (http://localhost:4780/qemc/default.htm).

      Restarting all services / whole server won't help!

      In this "mode" the server won't reload all documents, if any.

      Other observations:

      - Sometimes when i alter a task, the problem disappears.

      - Sometimes after not reloading any tasks at night - the problem disappears.

      - For over one week the server was running ok, yesterday we added two more tasks and the problem showed up again.


      Did someone have a similar problem and a possible solution / clue, whats going on?


        • QV9 SR3 Publisher Problem

          I am having the same problem, if I am lucky it is just a matter of disabling the last task I added refresh and then add again.

          2 things I found helped a little was

          1. Adding task through QMC and not QEMC

          2. Use Firefox not IE to add tasks. (pretty sure I read this on another post somewhere)

          Would be glad of the help is anyone knows of a solution to this as is annoying to say the least.

          • QV9 SR3 Publisher Problem

            I have seen the same strange problem, also running standard Publisher.

            I think it could be related to having identical application names residing in in different mounts. We had three mounted catalogs containing the same app. Strange solution perhaps but we had to because of security issues.

            When I renamed them so that they where different it worked a lot better.