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    premium or enterprise sense cloud edition planned?

      s there a premium or enterprise sense cloud edition planned? (the "plus" one really does not add much value)


      that supports;

      - automation of data load, incremental load, cloud-data sources.

      - sharing to specific users and/or group of users,

      - offers SSO integration with the most common standards.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Rickard,


          We appreciate your feedback. There are many plans for Qlik Cloud - you are just witnessing the beginning. We have a continuous release cycle where we release new features, fixes and capabilities in 2 week time periods. As you may know, Qlik Sense Cloud originally started out as a free sharing service to share Qlik Sense Desktop apps. Then we added the ability to upload file-based data and create apps directly from the cloud. Then we added the option to increase storage, app sizes and unlimited shares. The product continues to evolve so stay tuned. Note what you perceive as "not much value" are what others have asked for, so we are accommodating the needs, prioritizing, planning and implementing. We are looking into providing group administration, extension management, and a possible cloud-based API service. We can't share all the plans that we have, but if you consult with us we can gladly work with you.


          Hope this information is helpful.


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          Mike Tarallo


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              Hi Michel sounds good you are working on enhancements, looking forward to them - right now the cloud edition to me is a sales demo to get customers in to enterprise, a very good one though :-)


              - but it could really be much more than than, and attract a whole category of customers you don't have today nor will get with the current business model.


              -  speaking of such would it not be a good idea to have a place where users can view / suggest new features planned / to be planned - and even more important vote on such plans / suggestions, to help you prioritize in that quite big list you probably have by now :-)


              Thanks for listening !