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    Accesspoint with AD -- how to get only the reports the user is licensed for?

    Anita Fuchten

      Just started using Accesspoint with QV 9.0 and we wonder how to configure things right to be sure the end-user only sees his own reports.


      With AD we can tell that the user is authorized to a certain directory, but how can we tell the user only can see one of the documents in this directory, the one he/she is allowed to see (using the document call)??


      Lets say the directory the user is authorized for with AD looks like:

      - FailureReports
      - FailureReport_SC.qvw
      - FailureReport_IS.qvw
      - FailureReport_REP.qvw

      The user is only licensed to see FailureReport_SC.qvw ... but still sees the other 2 reports in the Accesspoint ...


      Is there another way of configuring this correctly so the user only sees the reports using AD in combination of the licenses?

      Or should we really separate all the reports in separate directories to achieve this using AD?