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    'QlikView Administrators' server local group audit or workings

      Hey everyone,


      I spent some time searching on the forum, but couldn't get to an answer on what I'm looking for.


      Basically, we're being asked by auditors how does QlikView knows that the administration is only supposed to be done by those in the 'QlikView Administrators' group on the local server user & group area of the management console. I went over the QlikView Reference Manual and couldn't find any mention of this there either...


      We have already answered questions about the AD config and the way applications access is done, but we couldn't show them (auditors) any evidence of the above question.


      Has any of you heard or know how this works or can be proven?


      Here's a reference to a post with a related question, but this one is only on the surface and about the difference between the group in question here and local server admins: QlikView Admins vs Local Admins


      Thanks in advanced!