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    QV Data Extraction

    Dennis Dortmund


      Hello everybody!


      I'm trying to extract (read) data from a BI report which gets the/ its data from the Enterprise Management System. I have already extracted data from another BI Report and it worked perfectly. But in this case, I have no idea what this error message could mean:


      Error: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: exception "NO_PROCESSING" triggered



      What should I consider when designing queries for QlikView extractions? Does anyone have some advice for this topic?






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          Mats Olin

          There are a few limitations to the BEx connector, and you have probably encountered one of them. The error message means that there has been an error in the SAP module that the connector calls. Most of this information is in the connectors manual but could you check that:


          • You have selected at least one dimension that is not a free characteristic or a navigational attribute
          • If the query contain a structure, the structure must be seleted
          • If you have a interval variable, both the high and low values are set, otherwise change the sign to EQ
          • The query checks ok in Query Designer


          / Mats

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            Dennis Dortmund

            Hi Mats!

            thanks you für your answer!