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    Overcome Qlikview association between two fields

      Hello All,


      I have came across with an issue with the selections of Year & Month filters. As per Qlikview it is not issue it is association, but as per the Customer it is an issue and not user friendly.



      Data Model has 2 tables Calendar & Fact table and both are associated with date filed.

      We are using Month & Year from the Calendar table and used in filters and all expressions.

      Data will be loaded for full year in the month of March, from Jan to March monthly data will be loaded respectively.


      When User is selected Year - 2015 & Month - Nov and tries to select Year - 2016, Filter is not allowing the User to select Year - 2016. When User selects Year - 2015 & Month - Jan (currently data is available only for Jan, 2016) then only User will be able to select 2016, because we have data only for the Month of Jan for 2016. This issue can be solved automatically once full year data is loaded in March.


      We tried adding some dummy data for full year, even though it is not working.

      We removed the link between Calendar & Fact and tried to link using triggers, even though it is not working.


      Need a solution where User should be able to select any Year irrespective of the month selected, i.e., When User is on YEAR - 2015 and any month from Jan - Dec and should be able to select 2016 without any restrictions.



      Please help me out by providing more ideas.



      Santosh Konda.