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    How do you access an objects pagesize and current datapage.

    michael Carson

      I have an extension that grabs data from another object and then sends that data over via ajax to a server for auditing users. I essentially need to grab the data they see for specific charts that the user specifies.

      I can get it to work (not the way i want) by auditing everything in the chart. I have to set a new this.data.pageobejct() and then i get the count from it and multiply it by the number of its per page in the declaration of this.data.pageobject(). I can then get rows from this.data.rows and loop through them.

      This is fine, if the data is small. If its large it can be a problem because it resends that data every time you click anywhere or scroll. Ideally i want to get the data that is displayed in the chart that the user can see. I need to get the PageObject. In the qlikview documentation for extensions it shows how to create a new one...but i need to access an existing one.