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    Troubles with reinstall Qlik Sense Server

      Hello All,

      Need your help.


      I uninstalled working Sense server and then re-installed. (System Type: 64-bit, RAM: 8 GB, Win Server 2012 R2).

      There are no desktop *.exe items,  and Qlik folder(in ProgramFiles) after install.

      Installer show that all services successfully installed and Qlik Sense is exists in installed programs (Control Panel).

      I don't understand what is the problem.

      Here is the log.


      P. S

      I have tried

      * Uninstalling the software

      * Insuring that the services were gone

      * Deleting the c:\programdata\qlik directory

      * Deleting the certificates

      * Rebooting the machine

      * Reinstalling the software


      Thanks and Regards,