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    NPrinting - possible to page on a field and include overall summary?

    Corey Hartman

      Hi All,


      I've been searching for a way to create an Excel Report for NPrinting On Demand which has summary information in a table at the top of the report, followed by another table which pages by a specific field. For instance, say I want the end user to select a Sales Region, and then print the report. Then I would want the report to show cumulative numbers in the expressions of the table across any dimensions for that region, and then below go into detail and page by each Sales Person associated with that region. Is this possible and I'm simply missing something? I believe it can be done with QlikView's native reporting... but I haven't yet found a way to accomplish it in NPrinting. I can get the report to page by the Sales Person but I can't get it to leave the summary table alone. Alternatively, it would work if I could level by the Sales Person instead and repeat a page break within each instance of the level range... but I couldn't make that work either. I tried adding a page break within the level range but it only recognized it once and didn't repeat.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!