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    Sort a chart

    Chandni Bhowmick



      I have a chart and a table.

      The chart is sorted (chart properties) by Funnel Amount. How can I make the chart be sorted by Actuals when an user double clicks on the Actuals in the table below(sorting actuals in ascending or descending in the table)?


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          Stefan Wühl

          I don't think you can retrieve and react to the sort order in your tabel chart and trigger a sort order change in your bar chart.


          But you can create some e.g. buttons to control the sort order for both your charts (using variables and the sort by expression option, I won't use macros for this).


          If you want more help, I would suggest that you create a small sample QVW (or search the forum, I am pretty sure there are some samples already existing here in the forum).

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            Buse Türkoğlu

            You can sort a chart by using

                 Proporties - Sort - OWNER (Unclick SortBy option) & Actual (Click SortBy option ASC or DESC)

            Ekran Alıntısı.PNG