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    Qlik Sense .NET SDK - IHub.ExportApp Method usage

    Stephen Lyall

      Hi All,


      Has anyone used the above method in c#?


      I understand the first two of the three parameters (targetPath, srcAppId), but am struggling with the third "ids".


      The documentation states that "ids" (Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<String>) is an "Array of identifiers. The list of all the objects in the app to be exported must be given. This list must contain the GUIDs of all these objects.".


      How does one produce this - from the IApp class?


      Example of abbreviated code:


      // Load the app without data

      IApp app = location.App(id, null, false, true);



      // Save the app


      // Export the app




      My reason for asking is I'm trying to programmatically export apps from one test environment for import into another without data. I can open and save an app without the data but have been unable to produce the collection of object GUIDs needed to pass into the IHub.ExportApp method.  .


      Your help would be appreciated.