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    Reload fails on Store command - sometimes

      I have an application that I've been running successfully for several months in QlikView 8.5, using Publisher Enterprise. The jobs/documents I have set up include (1) a data loader document that is reloaded to create the data model and store it into a set of QVDs, (2) a set of QVWs that contain the applications, which I reload after reloading the data loader, and (3) a set of distribution tasks that distributed the reloaded apps to a directory on the QVS.

      I am building a test environment to test the latest version (9.0 SR3). After successfully installing 9.0 on a fresh install of Windows 2003, I configured it to test my jobs/documents: I changed the service accounts on all QVS services to a local account with administrative permissions on the server. I changed the Root Folder to a new directory that stores my QVWs. Beneath that is the QVD folder. I set the Local Administrators group, which contains the local account the services run under, to have Full Control over the Root Folder and its subdirectories. (This all matches our 8.5 config.) I then created a reload task for the data loader app and a separate one for one of my QVWs that contain the actual application.

      I can successfully reload the application QVWs by copying the QVDs from my 8.5 environment and running a 9.0 reload task on them. No problem there. But my job consistently fails with a General Script Error when I execute the task to run my data loader. The error occurs just after a STORE command. When debugging through the developer I can see it successfully loads the table, but it bombs out when it runs the STORE command. However.... there are three previous instances of STORE commands that run successfully. The only difference is that the first three are storing tables generated from a SQL database, whereas the table for which the STORE command fails is coming from a text file. I tried running the Distribution Service in debug mode, but that didn't really give me any additional information, and the QVW log file isn't telling me why this is failing.

      One thing I have not done yet is to install the 9.0 Developer client. Is there something I need to do to "upgrade" the 8.5 documents, which may resolve my issue with the STORE command? (Note: I always use "STORE * FROM x INTO y.QVD;", i.e., not a selective column list.)

      Any and all help is appreciated.