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    Upgrade From Qlikview 11 to Qlikview 12

    Budiman Bun

      Hi ,


      I want to Upgrade our client Qlikview from v11 SR 9 to Qlikview 12 Initial Release.


      I'll try in my Vmware,

      but when i start the installer, there's a notification.


      Attached the picture.


      it means, i can't upgrade it to Qlikview 12?


      are there're any ways that i can use, without uninstall the earlier version ?


      Please advise.





      Deddy Sinaga

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          Stefan Wühl

          I don't really understand your request.


          Do you want to upgrade from QV11 to QV12?

          Then the upgrade by deinstalling old version, installing new version shouldn't bother you. Just check the checkbox and click Next.


          Or don't you want to upgrade your version, but keep the old QV11 and have a parallel installation of the new QV12 version?

          (which is not a good idea when talking about the server editions)

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            Sunil jain

            If you keep "Uninstall earlier version" unchecked , it will keep earlier as it is.

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              Hirish V



              Hope for your server ,

              From  11.2 Sr5 release notes its like this,


              1.9 Cross-release compatibility

              It is not possible to have multiple versions of QlikView Desktop installed, i.e. the QlikView 11.2 Desktop installer will overwrite a QlikView 10 Desktop installation. However, the QlikView 11.2 Desktop executable file can be copied to any location on the hard drive and run from there without conflicting with the installed QlikView version.

              In order to run multiple versions of QlikView Desktop on a single machine, please follow this procedure:


              1. Uninstall prior version

              2. Install QlikView Desktop v11.2

              3. Copy the QV.exe file to a new, safe location

              4. Uninstall QlikView Desktop v11.2

              5. Install prior version

              Following this procedure, you end up with a working version 11.2 QV.exe, but the operating system treats the prior version as your primary version of QlikView.

              QlikView 11.2 has a file format compatible with versions 9, 10 and 11.

              The QlikView Plug-In client is automatically installed with QlikView Desktop. If the version of either client is changed, it is recommended to do an uninstall of the previous version before installing another version. If any of the installations become unstable, they can be corrected by repairing the affected installation.

              QlikView 9 Workbench and QlikView 9 Webparts are not compatible with QlikView 11.2.


              But i can't find this in Release notes of qv 12.


              Hope check this way,

              May help you out.


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                Hi Budiman,


                I have Just upgraded from Qlikview 11 version to Qlikview 12 successfully(with out any issues).

                Installation will first uninstall the previous version and will Install Qlikview 12. Publisher Tasks got migrated Automatically. It's Straight forward Installation.




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                  Ganesh Devarashetty

                  Hi, I would like to use this post to provide my experience with upgrade so far and also seek help on some of the open questions I am trying to get help from Qlik Support. May be you experts can also shed some light.


                  @Sinaga - Yes, you need to uninstall older versions in order to upgrade. Even I thought it is just an install over but it does delete older program files folder data. It is pretty much like uninstall and install. I started with a VM Lab setup in order to test the upgrade. I setup entire QV11 and now I have upgraded to QV12 using this option.


                  Need help - I am using ceritificates communication (not Qlik Admin group) to communicate between servers as we have DMZ setup. This cause us to re-install and re-configure QDS(cluster), QVS(cluster) again after the new server install. In such case, how do I make sure all my existing setup remains intact - like my tasks, document list, security, QMS settings.