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    Variable within an expression

      Hi there,


      I am trying to display the comparison of sales revenue from the current month and the previous month. I am using the below expressions :


      Previous Month ----- sum({$<vInvoicedate={$(=monthname(addmonths(Today()),-1)))}>}$(=Inv_Ref))

      Current Month ------- sum({<vInvoicedate={$(=(max(vInvoicedate)))}>}$(=Inv_Ref))


      The Above Expressions don't work. But if I replace $(=Inv_Ref) to a field like ----- sum({$<vInvoicedate{$(=monthname(addmonths(Today()),-1)))}>}amount_total) this works just fine but i cant use a field name there because sale revenue calculation is stored in a variable and that variable is Inv_Ref. The calculation of this variable is like this Inv_Ref =  $(Inv_total) - $(Ref_Total).


      Could someone help me in correcting this expression?


      Appreciate all your help.



      Note: I am a total beginner and novice in Qlik Sense.



      Thanks very much